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Revolution | Flea

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Owning a new dog is exciting but looking after a pet brings new responsibilities. Not only do you have to buy quality pet supplies and look after their dietary requirements, groom them regularly and take them for daily walks but you also have to consider your pet’s health and protect your pet inside and out.

Put an end to trying to coax your puppy or dog into swallowing nasty tasting tablets. Revolution for dogs is a simple application for puppies and dogs – just apply to the dog’s skin between the shoulder blades once each month. The fast-acting treatment will start to kill fleas within half an hour and is waterproof after 2 hours.

Puppies may be treated with Revolution for dogs from 6 weeks of age. If puppies are younger than 6 weeks or your dog is sick, debilitated or underweight, consult your veterinarian. Revolution for Dogs comes in a convenient 3 pack, 6 pack, 12 pack and 15 pack (Revolution - Puppies & Kittens up to 2.5kg only) representing even more value for money.