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Sentinel Spectrum | Flea

When you have a puppy or a dog, you not only have to look after your pet’s health, you also have a responsibility to your family. If your dog is protected from harmful diseases, so is your family. Sentinel Spectrum guards your dog against fleas and intestinal worms – some of which can be potentially harmful to human health.

Sentinel Spectrum for dogs is a delicious tasty chew that is given monthly to your dog. Research shows that Sentinel Spectrum is so tasty that 97% of dogs will eat the tablets straight from the hand.1 Best of all, the three-in-one parasite treatment is even protected by a 100% guarantee and is a proud supporter of Seeing Eye Dogs Australia.

Puppies may be treated with Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs from 6 weeks of age. Before starting your dog on a treatment of Sentinel Spectrum, take your dog to the vet to verify that your dog doesn’t have heartworm disease. Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs come in a handy 3 pack, 6 pack and 12 pack.

1 Palatability/Acceptability Trial of 3 Way and 2 Way Chewable Formulations in Dogs NAH-02-0054. Data on file. Novartis Animal Health AG 2004.